The Security Industry – Connected!

If you are familiar with the security industry then you may have heard some rumours about a new business opening up in the South. Well it seems that the big website launch has gone ahead and its running at full steam!

Cross Deck has been set up to bring together all aspects of the security industry. This means that no matter what you do the site has some great uses.
For example if you are starting out in security and want to get some certified training courses completed, then you can see what courses are on offer (from multiple providers around the world) and it allows you to apply directly to the course in your dashboard.

Once you have completed a set of courses and want to start looking for work, the site will help you do that too. Using the job search function you can search and filter the existing job opportunities to find one that you want. This allows you to find out what current jobs are on offer in your sector, or if you are thinking about getting additional qualifications then it allows you to see potential job opportunities including details such as wages and location.

As an applicant, it has everything you could ask for when getting introduced and progressing in the security industry.

And it doesnt stop there, Cross Deck also has some great advantages for security training providers and those looking for security recruitment.
As a security training provider, your course details are automatically sent out to all those candidates who have specified an interest in your area. For example an applicant may have signed up with an interest in Close Protection Security but as yet they hold no qualifications or certifications for this skill. As a training provider, if you list a new course covering aspects of Close Protection Security, all applicants with this interest will be notified immediately. They can then apply directly to the course through their dashboard.

Alternatively, Cross Deck also accepts members from businesses and agencies looking for prestige security recruitment. Using their database of skilled candidates, Cross Deck are able to offer one of the best recruitment opportunities for companies and businesses. This allows businesses to post their current vacancies or security requirements, which again are sent out to all qualifiying candidates. Your business would then be put in touch with pre-screened candidates which already pass the necessary requirements.

If you are already part of the security industry or looking to make your way into security, then definitely check out the Cross Deck website!
Cross Deck Security