Coming from the US I was suprised to see how open to sharing my colleagues were, collaborative work was rarely seen where I started business. In the US there is a typical competitive nature when at work and this makes it hard to start out on your own. Since coming to the UK I gained so much knowledge just off my colleagues, and likewise I was more than happy to share my knowledge with them. A reciprocal relationship as it were.

Since moving between businesses, areas and offices I have got to know quite a lot of people in the small business sector and I regularly keep in touch with them. Many of them are online business owners but there are also local shop owners, produce suppliers and much more. The stories I receive each week from them is quite amazing, let alone the amount of knowledge I have gained about their respective industry.

Which got me to thinking, why am I being selfish with this knowledge when this is exactly what deterred me from the US style of work?

After speaking with the guys and girls we decided rather than keeping all correspondance personal, we would share it!
Therefore this site is going to be host to some of our top information on local business, small businesses and online businesses.

If you are interested in writing with us then please drop us a line through our contact form. As a lot of our existing writer base is located down south (Bristol and London) we are looking for a few contributors up North who would like to give back to the community.


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