Components Of An Electricians Site Diary

An electrician’s site diary might be a little effort to maintain but its benefits are huge and long term. While the basic component of a site diary is the details about the electrical project and its working, there are some other features too that should be included in it to make it more convenient and to make it a one-stop data storage for you.
Details of electrical work include the working conditions, the procedures and how to go about it. Other things to be note down in a site diary includes, but not limited to, the names and contact details of all the people working on a particular project, record of any injuries and availability of first aid on the site, available budget and expenses and track of all the equipment used in the project. Moreover, electricians can also include pictures of the site and electrical work taken at all the appropriate stages so that you can have strong evidences in a case of need.
Keeping a site diary on a daily basis will reduce your chances of having a burden towards the end of an electrical installation and will be another step towards better organization. Making sub categories of the components can make your work easier, providing easy allocation and access.